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Rakuten Group’s mission is to contribute to society by
creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship.

By providing high-quality services that help our users and partners grow,
we aim to advance and enrich society.

To fulfill our role as a Global Innovation Company,
we are committed to maximizing both corporate and shareholder value.

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Sports & Entertainment Partnerships

  • Rakuten and the Golden State Warriors
    Rakuten is proud to be the first-ever jersey badge sponsor and Official Partner of the Innovative Golden State Warriors.
    About the Partnership
  • Rakuten Monkeys
    Founded in 2004, the Rakuten Monkeys are based in Taiwan's Taoyuan City, and play their home games at Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium. The team has been Taiwan Series Champions seven times and is Taiwan’s most successful professional baseball team from the past decade.
    About the Partnership
  • Tohoku Rakuten
    Golden Eagles
    Since their founding in 2004 as Japan’s first new professional baseball franchise awarded in 50 years, the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles have gone from strength to strength. Buoyed by the support of their dedicated fans in the Tohoku region and around the country, they won their first Japan Series Championship in 2013. In accordance with their motto of being “The Baseball Entertainment Company,” the Rakuten Eagles strive to deliver passion and inspiration through baseball. They have also had much success in breathing new life into Japan’s professional baseball industry, adding innovative leisure and entertainment facilities to their home ball park and incorporating new technologies such as virtual reality into their player training program.
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  • Vissel Kobe
    Rakuten's partnership with the Vissel Kobe professional soccer team is grounded in our belief that sport has the power to make life richer and more fulfilling. This power was borne out when Vissel Kobe became a symbol of recovery in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, which devastated Kobe and many surrounding areas in 1995. “One Team, One Family, One Dream - To become the No.1 Club in Asia”: The club slogan encapsulates a tradition of players, fans and the local community coming together to pursue a common dream.
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